Hedge Your Bets

Hedge Your Bets

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The City of Sin Never Looked so good...

For Jessi Jones Las Vegas has been a curse and a sanctuary for the last ten years. This rising star of the fashion world returns every year to the hotel she loves but remembers a time her heart was broken, right in the lobby, by him...

Nathan Skye might have left her in Las Vegas but now he's back, to pull off the ultimate con, and he needs Jessi to complete it. This 'security specialist' will do whatever it takes to obtain her help and when she reluctantly agrees he knows he's got her right where he wants her. Little does his Jessi know Nathan is all-in for the ultimate jackpot: his queen of hearts.

As the game gets deeper, Jessi finds herself falling all over again, for a man she is sure will break her heart. Can she bluff her way to victory, and find herself raking in all the chips of love, or lose everything on a joker she should never have trusted again?

This surprisingly twisting tale of a meddling boss, the world of high fashion, some priceless jewels, and a few real characters combines together for a wild ride that is the city that never sleeps. Shuffle them up and deal, then get ready to Hedge Your Bets with this perfect combination of romance, humor and high stakes!

Included with this new e-book edition, the bonus Novella: Luck Be a Lady, a short and sassy story about our favorite ex-model, and Nate's boss, Terri Cougar.

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    Panda Necklace Charm Pendant w/ in Panda Shaped Velour Gift Box with Squiggly Eyes

    Panda Necklace Charm Pendant w/ in Panda Shaped Velour Gift Box with Squiggly Eyes

    Gorgeous Pendant with lovely accents in a matching Velour Hinged Gift Box! Each pendant comes