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Check out Panda Hanging Wall Organizer with 3 pockets for Kids Storage and Baby Nursery Room

Panda Hanging Wall Organizer with 3 pockets for Kids Storage and Baby Nursery Room

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Material: It's a 100% cotton canvas, which is a fully breathable fabric. It's thick enough that it won't rip and wear out easily because of its abrasion-resistant nature. Since it's pure cotton, it won't take a toll on the environment. That's why it's called environment-friendly. For that reason, it's great to have it if you wish to reveal your environmental conscience. And because it's 100% cotton, it's odorless, unlike the plastic alternatives. It's also non-toxic, so it doesn't cause harm to babies.

Dimensions or Size: This Panda wall hanger is 37 inches in height and 10.5 inches in width. With this measurement, it doesn't take a lot of space on your wall. But it does help you in organizing your room's space giving you plenty of places to other things. The design is perfect for your kids' rooms. It encourages them to organize their things so they can avoid misplacing them. With that in mind, you can create a clutter-free room for your kids. With its stylish design, you can place it anywhere in your house and show it off to your guests.

Pockets: The Panda wall hanger comes with three pockets. Each pocket measures 9.25 wide and 8 inches tall. Thus, it can fit here diapers and other stuffed animal. You can also place your kids' toys if you wish.

Easy-to-install: Upon receipt, you can easily hang it on your wall. There's no installation requirement. You can attach it to your wall on a single hook. With its engineered hanging system, it fits on any kind of wall or door. Keep in mind though, the screw or hook isn't included in the package.

  • DURABLE and STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Made of 100% cotton canvas making it non toxic and safe. Size is 36 inches long x 10 ¾ inches wide and each pocket is 9.5 inches wide and 8 inches tall. It is constructed with heavy stitching to guarantee that it can hold several items for kid's or baby's storage making the room clutter free and organized. It has grommet for easy attachment on the wall.
  • PERFECT FOR KID'S STORAGE. This pocket wall organizer is perfect for storing kid's items such as books, stuff toys, mini figures, dolls and card games. It can also be an organizer for art supplies such as crayons, pens, brushes, notebooks and paper. Great for organizing girl's accessories and jewelry.
  • BABY NURSERY STORAGE. Store your baby's small paraphernalia such as small clothes and blankets, changing supplies and diapers. Since it hangs on the wall, it can create an accessible nursery storage space making it a perfect storage solution. Not only that, it's aesthetically pleasing as well, with the black and white panda prints that are sure to fit in any nursery décor.
  • CUTE AND FUN PANDA PRINTS. Pandas are cute and cuddly, making them a favorite among kids and even adults alike. The prints feature black and white panda in several fun poses and touches of green color making pocket wall organizer an adorable piece to any room around the house.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE ALL AROUND POCKET ORGANIZER. This pocket organizer is an all around organizer that can store not only kid's and baby's items but any regular household items as well. Use it to keep office supplies, mails and small knick knacks and items for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

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